Henri Aunin

How to Manage and Own a Server

Data center

In order to become more web independent and private, it is highly recommended to start hosting your own website and services yourself.

Not just becoming more private and independent, it also creates a brand for yourself. Something that represents you uniquely for an indefinite time. You can have your own custom domain, mail and website + all your data will be privately stored on your server.

While this task may sound daunting at first, it is actually very easy, doesn’t require much time and resources, and you can begin taking your first steps right now. Oracle Cloud provides you with two free servers for hosting your website and mailserver. And also, if you have an old computer lying around, you can even use it as a server in your own home.

A prominent individual named Luke Smith has started a website for sharing guides on how to operate a server including hosting your website and mailserver.

Definitely check out landchad.net for comprehensive self-hosting tutorials. It also goes in-depth about other topics as well such as crypto and learning HTML, CSS (creating your website). If you’re already knowledged about IT, DevOps or self-hosting, you can also improve this guide on it’s GitHub.