Henri Aunin

Opinion of The Social Dilemma

Social Dilemma

The Social Dilemma is a 2020 Amercian documentary-drama about how corporations treat their users as the product rather than the customer. It explores the threat of social media and surveillance capitalism.


The film discusses many of the problems extraordinarily well however it is a bit stretched out. For someone very uneducated in how technology is exploitable this provides a fantastic overview. Unfortunately, I hoped they would share how to advocate for more control, promote ethical software or share general tips/guides.

The film succeeded in promoting the effects of using social media and started a discussion regarding it, Netfilx original branding and effective marketing might have contributed this (ironic due to Netflix's having the same flaws talked in the movie). However I feel like it requires more than that. There has to be more information about how your role can solve the problem. I see it discussed a lot but sadly it all fades away after a day.

I hope we can see more documentaries in the future of these problems since this topic requires everyone's attention.

I've written a Latex document more in depth about this topic. You can read more here.