Severance: Work & Life Hell


The final episode will come out next week’s Friday (8th April) on Apple TV+, but I wanted to share some of my thoughts about the series already. This short review shares some spoilers.

Severance has a dystopian take on separating work from life. A world of capitalist practises of corporate efficiency. Mistrust and exploitation reigns as a faceless, unregulated megacorporation has control of your memories and mind. Apparently, the corporation also controls some of the media and has strong political support.

It’s a jaunting world really, a very unethical one. And I’m the one furiously denying apps to track me on my iPhone, while people would get microchipped to avoid workplace memories. But I digress, as from the bonus content (Lexington papers), the pay seems good, and well, the proposition, worth trying.

The series is a well-written and thought-provoking grasp into a future of unregulated corporations and research. I have no idea for what or why they’re doing absurd and illogical jobs. But I’m eagerly waiting for the last episode, and I think you should too. It features Adam Scott and produced by Ben Stiller. Worth watching if you want a mind-boggling thriller.