Henri Aunin

A Year of Hosting My Public Self-Hosted Instances

See why I stopped self-hosting these instances. #

Probably a year ago I made a little page on my website. It included a lengthy paragraph about internet freedom and a list of my self-hosted services. Since I had left-over server resources and was following all that internet privacy craze, I decided to publicise some of my self-hosted instances.

So, I left it all public in hopes of someone benefiting from them. I have no idea who used them or how much were they used. Since I had a strict no-log policy, I couldn’t keep of watch.

Fortunately, somewhere 5 months in I got a e-mail from someone saying they greatly benefited from using my Searx instance. This came as a happy surprise, I finally had feedback.

I have learned a lot during my time self-hosting and server administrating. The few past weeks all my instances reported 100% uptime. I will continue to keep that streak and also try to bring in more features. This time I’m also publicising my server setup and config files. Everything will still stay the same, this time I’m making it easy for you to replicate. I might also include guides for self-hosting my instances in this blog.

With that out of the way, here is finally the list of the instances:

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I keep my self-hosted instances free-of-charge and private. If you think I have helped you in any way, consider giving me a warm hug via e-mail or even more generous, donate (if you can afford it).

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