Henri Aunin

Happy 2023!

Hello and happy new year! 2022 has been for some an amazing year. Some see it as another year gone by in their life. While I would say the latter, on second thought, it has actually been quite a thought-provoking year. 

The War #

I live in Estonia. While everyone was waking up from a deep wintery sleep, readying for a day of celebration, Russia invaded Ukraine on my country’s Independence Day. I thought it was a dream, in my generation I thought to never experience such a bloody war in Europe. 

In Estonia, this was a sign that a war with Russia would be inevitable. We had to step up our defence quickly. Fortunately, Europe agreed and came together to denounce this war. This war has lasted for almost 10 months. I hope for the end of suffering on both ends.

I’m a lazy writer. #

Changing the subject to something lighter, I wish to post more on my blog. However, as you can see, I’m quite a lazy writer. I have plenty of time, yet lack of determination. And I’m also a perfectionist. But I’ll try my best this upcoming year. Here’s how I work:

I gather my ideas to my notes (I happen to use Nextcloud Notes currently) or directly write them as titles to my LanguageTool texts. I use LanguageTool to write and proofread my texts, as it’s most convenient for me. To publish, I copy-paste into a markdown file in my website’s repo. After adding the appropriate metadata, I commit changes and Cloudflare Pages does the rest. It could be more effective, yet it works for me.

If you have any suggestions, any new ideas or critiques to my other posts, please write to me via e-mail. I’ll be happy to read any letters I get. For now, I wish you, dear reader, a joyful and fulfilling year.