Henri Aunin

Blog Comments With Utterances

I finally have comments for my blog.

Couple of weeks ago, I was reading a post by Chris Titus Tech and scrolling to the bottom, I saw this interesting comment system. First I thought it was just another Disquis implementation but it turned out to be a much better solution. It only required a Github account and was powered by Github Issues. It’s called Utterances.

The problem with a lot of comment implementations on blogs is that it is quite easy to spam or requires a standalone account, complicated, and too heavy to load. This implementation does require a Github account but the benefeits outweigh it. You just drop a script in a page and it automatically creates an issue for that page. Lightweight also, with a design that doesn’t stand out much.

I wish it allowed decentralised accounts like the Mastodon-powered implementation Cassidy James Blaede built. But I’m happy with the current solution as (I think) my primary audience is not on the Fediverse and mainly developers already with a Github account. However, if Microsoft continues to have devious and privacy-invasive plans for Github, I’ll have to look for another solution.

Go ahead and try it: