Info about my self-hosted instances

One of the most vital things I've done during the pandemic and the privatization of my digital life is start self-hosting alternatives to popular services (such as Google). It's a great choice I made, and I encourage everyone to do something as well, however most of us don't have the time or courage needed to start administrating Linux servers.

That is why from 2021, I'll start providing some of my instances to the public for free. I don't like long and complicated ToS or Privacy Policies, so just make sure to be respectful towards the administrator and servers and I'll not track or sell your data. Here is a list of my currently self-hosted instances which may increase:

I keep my self-hosted instances free-of-charge and private. I also have more projects and instances coming up as well. If you think I have helped you in any way, consider giving me a warm hug via e-mail or even more generous, donate (if you can afford it).

You can donate using BAT. Or donate using the PayPal button below, either one time or monthly: